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A resident of Kew Garden Hills, Dovid Moskovits was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1999, and is 12 years old. The oldest of three children, Dovid has a 9 year old sister named Esther Leah and a 6 year old brother named Chezky.

Dovid attends Yeshivah Ketana of Queens and has been a singer since he was three years old – performing at family gatherings and weddings. At the age of six Dovid joined the Chazak Boys Choir conducted by Ofi Nat, and spent summers honing his singing skills – and even had a chance to sing a duet with Avraham Fried at one of the Chazak Summer Concerts! More recently he has recorded and performed with Yitzy Bald and the New York Boys Choir. Under Yitzy’s mentorship Dovid has learned musical arrangement and has greatly expanded his vocal skills. In addition to his love for music, Dovid is busy preparing for his Bar Mitzvah which will take place on Shabbos Nachamu 2012, where he plans to lein Parshas V’eschanan.

Dovid recently started learning how to play the piano and guitar and looks forward to honing his skills on those instruments as he continues to develop his musical talent.

Dovid is grateful to the Producers of the Jewish Star competition for this opportunity. He has had a great experience thus far and looks forward to being a part of an amazing concert on March 19th!
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